About WhiteQloud

WhiteQloud has a strong technical team who pioneered cloud-based computing. We make no hypes but deliver great products and services to our customers. A lot of companies have embraced WhiteQloud service as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to their self-managed in-house solution. For references, please contact Contact@WhiteQloud.com.

WhiteQloud service mainly targets small businesses. Many small businesses don't have the budget and expertise to setup a secure reliable IT system. By utilizing WhiteQloud cloud-based service, small businesses can easily setup and manage a high-end IT system, dramatically lower IT cost while achieving increased productivity without changing their current business applications.

WhiteQloud is the first company offering a complete cloud-based "Basic IT System" Service. Our system includes Remote File Server, Email Server, Data Backup System, FTP Server & Web Server, etc. Almost all businesses need such a "Basic IT System".

WhiteQloud service is designed to be very scalable. A group account administrator can create more group administrators, sub-group administrators, regular users and guest users. Using our group administration tool, a company can easily create 10,000 users! WhiteQloud system is capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of files and terrabytes of data with superior convenience, security and reliability.